3.5-2361 7anos, 6mesesatrás [ARM] lfdu and stfsu implementations.
3.5-2360 7anos, 6mesesatrás [ARM] lfsu implementation.
3.5-2359 7anos, 6mesesatrás [ARM] Fixes srawix implementation.
3.5-2358 7anos, 6mesesatrás [Android] Make sure the default config file has fastmem disabled.
3.5-2357 7anos, 6mesesatrás NetPlayServer: Drop all the pads for a client when she disconnects
3.5-2356 7anos, 6mesesatrás Merge branch 'geckoos-fix'
3.5-2347 7anos, 7mesesatrás [Android] Explicitly set the defaults for the CPU settings.
3.5-2346 7anos, 7mesesatrás [Android] JP strings for the Fastmem option.
3.5-2345 7anos, 7mesesatrás [Android] Add a fastmem option to the cpu options, default disabled.
3.5-2344 7anos, 7mesesatrás [ARM] Disable loadstorepaired instructions when fastmem is disabled.
3.5-2343 7anos, 7mesesatrás Improve the ArraySize function a bit now that c++11 isn't forbidden there. Error messages should be friendlier now.
3.5-2342 7anos, 7mesesatrás Make Bochs_disasm not depend on Common.
3.5-2340 7anos, 7mesesatrás [ARM] Removes extraneous fpr.Flush
3.5-2339 7anos, 7mesesatrás [ARM] Fixes ps_madd implementation.
3.5-2338 7anos, 7mesesatrás [ARM] Fixes the ps_merge00 and ps_merge10 implementations. They both had the potential to overwrite the source registers in the moves.
3.5-2337 7anos, 7mesesatrás [ARM] Fixes orcx implementation.
3.5-2336 7anos, 7mesesatrás [ARM] Disables loadstores with update because they are broken.
3.5-2335 7anos, 7mesesatrás [ARM] lfsx implementation.
3.5-2334 7anos, 7mesesatrás [ARM] Disable lmw when fastmem is disabled.
3.5-2333 7anos, 7mesesatrás Fix building with polarssl from the externals.