4.0-49 7anos, 6mesesatrás [ARM] lfsux/lfdx/lfdux/stfsx/stfsux/stfdx/stfdux implementations.
4.0-48 7anos, 6mesesatrás Gameini update for Skies of Arcadia and Call of duty Black Ops. Both games don't need projection hacks any more, they work perfectly fine with all backends. Skies of Arcadia actually had an issue of i...
4.0-47 7anos, 6mesesatrás D3D11: Set proper border color for Real XFB YUY2 texture. Fixes issue 6483.
4.0-46 7anos, 6mesesatrás Gameini database update of Metroid: Other M. The game actually needed emulate format changes and not a projection hack to work properly. Disabled the projection hack and the game now works fine with a...
4.0-45 7anos, 6mesesatrás Add an explicit error message for outdated GCC, and remove some commented out code.
4.0-44 7anos, 6mesesatrás Fix crash in gc games in netplay.
4.0-43 7anos, 6mesesatrás [Android] Move EmulationActivity.java and NativeGLSurfaceView.java into a new sub-package called emulation. Now, all that's kept within the base package is the main class, the native calling class, et...
4.0-42 7anos, 6mesesatrás Reapply shuffle2's patch.
4.0-41 7anos, 6mesesatrás Don't call into wx in static initializers - crashes on Windows.
4.0-40 7anos, 6mesesatrás Upgrade WX to r74856, mainly to support @2x.
4.0-39 7anos, 6mesesatrás Automatically connect the appropriate wiimotes in netplay. Extensions must still be set manually.
4.0-38 7anos, 6mesesatrás [Android] Fix the ability to stop the game and start another.
4.0-37 7anos, 6mesesatrás Merge branch 'master' into android-core-control
4.0-32 7anos, 6mesesatrás Remove FifoQueue iterator and RemoveThreadsafeEvents.
4.0-31 7anos, 6mesesatrás Why do compilers assume i don't know order of opperations? :(
4.0-30 7anos, 6mesesatrás Fix the icon used for Dolphin on windows
4.0-29 7anos, 6mesesatrás operator= is a function too! std::forward is still appropriate.
4.0-28 7anos, 6mesesatrás [Android] Add a JP version of the string for FSAA. Also correct the English string too.
4.0-27 7anos, 6mesesatrás ogl: drop glsl120 support
4.0-26 7anos, 6mesesatrás Fix recording netplay with wiimote.