4.0-1757 7anos, 4mesesatrás Make GetBPRegInfo just take two strings as parameters (PR #411 de lioncash)
4.0-1755 7anos, 4mesesatrás BS2 emulation: set up a reasonable BAT during startup. (PR #399 de magumagu)
4.0-1753 7anos, 4mesesatrás Jit load store cleanup (PR #419 de magumagu)
4.0-1750 7anos, 4mesesatrás Get rid of the temporary buffer in IniFile's Load function. (PR #433 de lioncash)
4.0-1748 7anos, 4mesesatrás JIT: make backpatch handle sign-extend from 8 bits correctly. (PR #420 de magumagu)
4.0-1746 7anos, 4mesesatrás Fix error message when D3D11 HResults fail. (PR #421 de CarlKenner)
4.0-1744 7anos, 4mesesatrás Make sure netplay player IDs are actually unique. (PR #429 de RachelBryk)
4.0-1742 7anos, 4mesesatrás When updating netplay player list, reselect by string instead of index. (PR #403 de RachelBryk)
4.0-1740 7anos, 4mesesatrás When reading an ini file, if there is an error, check if it is simply be... (PR #431 de RachelBryk)
4.0-1738 7anos, 4mesesatrás msvc C initializers return int...fix EnableXSaveWorkaround when rax doesn't implicitly equal zero. (PR #430 de shuffle2)
4.0-1736 7anos, 4mesesatrás Explicitly center the X and Y joystick values. (PR #409 de lioncash)
4.0-1734 7anos, 4mesesatrás Android: Attach '.debug' to the end of the app's package name, if built in Debug configuration. (PR #414 de sigmabeta)
4.0-1732 7anos, 4mesesatrás Clarify what FindBrackets does in the DSP assembler (PR #423 de lioncash)
4.0-1730 7anos, 4mesesatrás Jit: Remove unused members from JitState. (PR #417 de magumagu)
4.0-1728 7anos, 4mesesatrás Interpreter: correctly support HLE functions. (PR #427 de magumagu)
4.0-1726 7anos, 4mesesatrás Limit netplay chat messages to 2000 characters. (PR #393 de RachelBryk)
4.0-1724 7anos, 4mesesatrás Check for errors when reading lines from ini files. (PR #392 de RachelBryk)
4.0-1722 7anos, 4mesesatrás Redo commit 932945d4808e37ba0ca1a953571187f445e24f41 (PR #426 de shuffle2)
4.0-1720 7anos, 4mesesatrás PowerPC: Get rid of the 'cr' field which was obsoleted by the new 'cr_fast' (PR #413 de delroth)
4.0-1718 7anos, 4mesesatrás Add a Cmake generic build option and remove x86_32 build capabilities. (PR #418 de Sonicadvance1)