3.5-661 8anos, 2mesesatrás PixelShaderManager: Reload fog range adjustment shader constants upon viewport change.
3.5-660 8anos, 2mesesatrás Fix checks for preventing the main and render windows from spawning off screen.
3.5-659 8anos, 2mesesatrás Corrected a typo.
3.5-658 8anos, 2mesesatrás PixelShaderGen: Force depth textures to be emulated when the result is needed for fog calculation.
3.5-657 8anos, 2mesesatrás VideoSoftware: Do not clear the depth buffer on EFB copy clears when depth writing is disabled.
3.5-656 8anos, 2mesesatrás Beginning of VFP cleanup. Will finish when I have the hardware in front of me.
3.5-655 8anos, 2mesesatrás Actually set the bIDIVa value in the ARM CPUDetect.
3.5-654 8anos, 2mesesatrás Fixed the Windows 32bit debug build.
3.5-653 8anos, 2mesesatrás Prevent the render window from spawning off screen.
3.5-652 8anos, 2mesesatrás Really clean up all the emitter loadstores on ARM. If a ARM device supports VFPv4, then it supports IDIVA, so handle that in CPUDetect.
3.5-651 8anos, 2mesesatrás Add a new WriteNewStoreOp emitter function for beginning of rewrite of the Arm Emitter LoadStores. Will finish when I have the hardware in front of me to test on.
3.5-650 8anos, 2mesesatrás Fix dup Option and move one to the top where it belongs in the CMake file.
3.5-649 8anos, 2mesesatrás Used the scheduler to generate the interrupt for IPC. Fixes the ES_LAUNCH games.
3.5-648 8anos, 2mesesatrás All the cool kids hard code string lengths.
3.5-647 8anos, 2mesesatrás Allow playing movies from command line. Also remove some unneeded code.
3.5-646 8anos, 2mesesatrás Update gameini database according to changes after the FIFO - BP Merge. Remove Fastdiskspeed from various games that no longer need it. Enable dual core and gpu thread synch option for F-Zero GX and R...
3.5-645 8anos, 2mesesatrás decrease d3d vertex buffer size
3.5-644 8anos, 2mesesatrás Merge branch 'FIFO-BP'
3.5-608 8anos, 2mesesatrás Fix JIT from rebasing on PPSSPP ArmEmitter.
3.5-607 8anos, 2mesesatrás Rebase ArmEmitter on PPSSPP's base. The loadstores are making my heart cry at this point.