4.0-820 7anos, 2mesesatrás Pulseaudio: rewrite the pa backend with the async api (PR #20 de degasus)
4.0-817 7anos, 2mesesatrás Revert "Merge pull request #47 from lioncash/remove-stringfromint"
4.0-816 7anos, 2mesesatrás Remove function StringFromInt from StringUtil.cpp/.h. C++11 has std::to_string for this now. (PR #47 de lioncash)
4.0-814 7anos, 2mesesatrás Remove Cache DL option from Android UI (PR #46 de Sonicadvance1)
4.0-812 7anos, 2mesesatrás Give StringFromFormat a printf format attribute. (PR #41 de Parlane)
4.0-809 7anos, 3mesesatrás Fix a typo in EGL.h for setting mode. (PR #45 de Sonicadvance1)
4.0-807 7anos, 3mesesatrás Simplify two functions in WII_IPC_HLE_Device_net.cpp. (PR #39 de lioncash)
4.0-804 7anos, 3mesesatrás Change some for+iterator loops in GeckoCode.cpp and GeckoCodeConfig.cpp into foreach loops. (PR #34 de lioncash)
4.0-800 7anos, 3mesesatrás Introduce a generic clamp function to clean up some of the various 'if-else' clamps throughout parts of the codebase. (PR #36 de lioncash)
4.0-797 7anos, 3mesesatrás [VideoCommon] Eliminate the function Xchg in Statistics.cpp. std::swap does the same thing. (PR #35 de lioncash)
4.0-795 7anos, 3mesesatrás Automatic translation template update
4.0-794 7anos, 3mesesatrás Readme: add link to issue tracker (PR #33 de Tilka)
4.0-792 7anos, 3mesesatrás OGL: Remove non-UBO code path. (PR #14 de degasus)
4.0-790 7anos, 3mesesatrás [JITARM] Fixes an issue in the slowmem path that causes grey THP movies,... (PR #31 de Sonicadvance1)
4.0-788 7anos, 3mesesatrás Jit64IL: nits (PR #30 de Tilka)
4.0-786 7anos, 3mesesatrás Remove a pointless c_str() call in FileUtil.cpp. (PR #29 de lioncash)
4.0-784 7anos, 3mesesatrás SWCommandProcessor: fix the CPReg structure fields (PR #27 de delroth)
4.0-782 7anos, 3mesesatrás Silence warning (PR #28 de Tilka)
4.0-780 7anos, 3mesesatrás Automatic translation resources update from Transifex
4.0-779 7anos, 3mesesatrás Larger cleanup to input-related source files (this time using unique_ptr). (PR #23 de lioncash)