3.5-2190 8anos, 2mesesatrás Fix loading DLC using IOCTL_ES_OPENTITLECONTENT & /dev/es state save.
3.5-2189 8anos, 2mesesatrás Make NonCopyable use rvalue references.
3.5-2188 8anos, 2mesesatrás Fix sysmenu test connection bug on Windows.
3.5-2187 8anos, 2mesesatrás Indent the code in the previous bug fix I did. Now there aren't braces on the same level as each other. Should have initially done this along with that commit.
3.5-2186 8anos, 2mesesatrás Merge branch 'wiiSaveExportFixes'
3.5-2183 8anos, 2mesesatrás [ARM] Fastmem is back. Still disabled for Android.
3.5-2182 8anos, 2mesesatrás Revert "[ARM] Remove Fastmem. It is buggy and may never have the potential to work correctly."
3.5-2181 8anos, 2mesesatrás Fix a tiny bug in CodeView.cpp. If statement with more than one line was missing braces.
3.5-2180 8anos, 2mesesatrás Avoid unnecessary bundle copies on OS X:
3.5-2179 8anos, 2mesesatrás Gameini database update. Mainly updates Wiiware and VC games.
3.5-2178 8anos, 2mesesatrás [Android] Removed the unnecessary MainActivity generics declaration in the DolphinEmulator class. It's unused (and likely won't be used).
3.5-2177 8anos, 2mesesatrás [Android] Some various cleanups. Also make some class variables final.
3.5-2176 8anos, 2mesesatrás Set XAudio2 as the default audio backend
3.5-2175 8anos, 2mesesatrás [ARM] Fix the VMOV encoding to encode the destination VFP register correctly.
3.5-2174 8anos, 2mesesatrás [ARM] Support both hardfp and softfp with lfs and lfd. Fixes these two instructions on Android since it uses softfp calling conventions. This adds a emitter for moving from two ARM Registers to a doub...
3.5-2173 8anos, 2mesesatrás Rollback "DSP on Thread" to only affect LLE.
3.5-2172 8anos, 2mesesatrás [ARM] Fix Savestates.
3.5-2171 8anos, 2mesesatrás [Android] Android NDK now supports full implementations of std::mutex, std::thread, and std::conditional_variable so there is no need to have our own implementations there now.
3.5-2170 8anos, 2mesesatrás Merge branch 'master' of https://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu into android-savestate-support
3.5-2167 8anos, 2mesesatrás [ARM] Fix lfs/lfd. We need to dump the fpr cache at times where VFP registers may be affected. We shouldn't need to flush D8-D15 but it doesn't seem to work. So we have to flush all registers.