5.0-10758 5meses, 3semanasatrás RenderState: Approximate logic op with blending if unsupported (PR #8284 de stenzek)
5.0-10756 5meses, 3semanasatrás FramebufferManager: Fix restoring of EFB depth buffer / upside-down in OpenGL (PR #8286 de stenzek)
5.0-10753 5meses, 3semanasatrás D3D11: Only use integer RTV when logic op is supported+enabled (PR #8283 de stenzek)
5.0-10751 5meses, 3semanasatrás InputCommon/DInputJoystick: Correct force-feedback flag testing (PR #8285 de lioncash)
5.0-10749 5meses, 3semanasatrás DiscIO/Volume: Make Partition's interface constexpr (PR #8287 de lioncash)
5.0-10747 5meses, 4semanasatrás Fix saving states freezing up emulation (PR #8279 de spycrab)
5.0-10745 5meses, 4semanasatrás SI: Minor bugfixes (PR #8236 de booto)
5.0-10741 5meses, 4semanasatrás Translation resources sync with Transifex
5.0-10740 6mesesatrás DolphinQt/Config/GameConfigEdit: Pass parent pointer to base class (PR #8274 de lioncash)
5.0-10738 6mesesatrás D3D11 resources refactor and DX11.1 feature detection fixes (PR #8258 de CookiePLMonster)
5.0-10729 6mesesatrás D3DCommon/Shader: Use std::optional where applicable (PR #8266 de lioncash)
5.0-10725 6mesesatrás OGL/ProgramShaderCache: Use std::string_view where applicable (PR #8265 de lioncash)
5.0-10720 6mesesatrás VideoBackends/Null: Minor cleanup (PR #8267 de lioncash)
5.0-10715 6mesesatrás Mario Party Netplay Community Settings: remove widescreen on community code (PR #8242 de CrankySupertoon)
5.0-10713 6mesesatrás Fix dubois anaglyph shaders on D3D11 (PR #8264 de Pokechu22)
5.0-10711 6mesesatrás Vulkan: Disable reversed viewport depth on macOS/MoltenVK (PR #8259 de stenzek)
5.0-10709 6mesesatrás Fix GDB stub build (PR #8262 de Tilka)
5.0-10707 6mesesatrás Support saving EFB and texture cache in save states (PR #6321 de stenzek)
5.0-10697 6meses, 1semanasatrás Fixed behaviour of some buttons by connecting functors to correct signals (PR #8263 de CookiePLMonster)
5.0-10695 6meses, 1semanasatrás Never set disc as active title when launching channel with same ID (PR #8256 de JosJuice)