5.0-20560 12 horas atrás RetroAchievements - Improved Game Loading (PR #12216 de LillyJadeKatrin)
5.0-20555 1dia, 3horasatrás Jit: Replace "msrBits" with "featureFlags" and use for performance monitor (PR #11988 de JosJuice)
5.0-20551 1dia, 3horasatrás Android: Fix issue when launching a game when Dolphin is not open (PR #12345 de minhaferzz)
5.0-20549 1dia, 5horasatrás Gameini: Enable AccurateNaNs for "Jeep Thrills" (PR #12350 de PatrickFerry)
5.0-20547 1dia, 5horasatrás RetroAchievements - Hardcore Mode (V2) (PR #11904 de LillyJadeKatrin)
5.0-20535 1dia, 23horasatrás VertexLoader: Fixes and cleanup related to skipped components (PR #12324 de Pokechu22)
5.0-20529 1dia, 23horasatrás Data: Correct wc24recv.ctl file (PR #12356 de noahpistilli)
5.0-20527 2dias, 15horasatrás Use ExtensionNumber in Movie.cpp (PR #12354 de Pokechu22)
5.0-20525 2dias, 19horasatrás BBA/HLE: Fix GC homebrew if_config not working (PR #12295 de sepalani)
5.0-20523 2dias, 19horasatrás PPCSymbolDB. Bugfix. Fix .data symbols not loading (PR #12351 de TryTwo)
5.0-20521 2dias, 21horasatrás PPCAnalyst: Clear crInUse on HLE (PR #12353 de JosJuice)
5.0-20519 3dias, 13horasatrás JitArm64: Fix updating MEM_REG with imm MSR without fastmem (PR #12348 de JosJuice)
5.0-20517 3dias, 19horasatrás IOS/KD: Implement Send Mail (PR #12184 de noahpistilli)
5.0-20513 3dias, 19horasatrás IOS/KD: Set download span if download task not found (PR #12344 de noahpistilli)
5.0-20511 4dias, 10horasatrás JitArm64: Use ADDI2R for psq_lXX/psq_stXX immediate offsets (PR #12347 de JosJuice)
5.0-20507 5dias, 12horasatrás PowerPC: Unify "FromJit" MMU functions (PR #12320 de JosJuice)
5.0-20505 5dias, 13horasatrás Traversal: Use low TTL for probe packet (PR #11382 de skyfloogle)
5.0-20502 5dias, 13horasatrás VideoBackends:Metal: Support multiple compute textures (PR #12186 de TellowKrinkle)
5.0-20499 5dias, 16horasatrás GameSettings: add patch to disable interlacing in Black & Bruised (PR #12339 de Tilka)
5.0-20497 5dias, 16horasatrás JitArm64: Fix JitAsm without entry points map (PR #12341 de JosJuice)