4.0-6748 5anos, 10mesesatrás Fix DoFileSearch returning the passed-in directories themselves.
4.0-6747 5anos, 10mesesatrás OpenALStream: Fix sample conversion.
4.0-6746 5anos, 10mesesatrás OGL: Allow inverted depth ranges. (PR #2656 de Armada651)
4.0-6743 5anos, 10mesesatrás Add an OSD notification for screenshot saving
4.0-6742 5anos, 10mesesatrás Quick fix for an invalid iterator (PR #2655 de mimimi085181)
4.0-6740 5anos, 10mesesatrás Jit64: fix pre-SSE4.1 fallback of ps_sum1
4.0-6739 5anos, 10mesesatrás Revert "GeometryShaderGen: Don't use `centroid in` for input variables."
4.0-6738 5anos, 10mesesatrás Fix aniso filtering on d3d to not set aniso filter when using 1x (PR #2626 de Parlane)
4.0-6736 5anos, 10mesesatrás Hotkeys: Fix translation array (PR #2595 de degasus)
4.0-6734 5anos, 11mesesatrás GeometryShaderGen: Don't use `centroid in` for input variables. (PR #2588 de Armada651)
4.0-6731 5anos, 11mesesatrás Anisotropic Filtering option is now correct in D3D (PR #2585 de dolphin-emu)
4.0-6729 5anos, 11mesesatrás Merge branch 'master' into stable
4.0-6726 5anos, 11mesesatrás Merge branch 'master' into stable
4.0-6711 5anos, 11mesesatrás Merge branch 'master' into stable
4.0.2-1 7anos, 5mesesatrás Installer: Bump PRODUCT_VERSION.
4.0-15 7anos, 5mesesatrás Don't prepend file:// in wxUtils::Explore() on windows. Wxw will just remove it, and/or blow up trying to remove it, if the path isn't ascii.
4.0-14 7anos, 6mesesatrás Installer: Revert the change from the previous commit which changed the 32 Bit Program Files folder to be called "Dolphin" instead of "Dolphin x86".
4.0-13 7anos, 6mesesatrás Installer: Always call the Program Files folder "Dolphin".
4.0-12 7anos, 6mesesatrás Make CMakeLists.txt recognize "stable" as a stable branch.
4.0-11 7anos, 6mesesatrás Make make_scmrev.h.js recognize "stable" as a stable branch.