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FifoPlayer is a powerful developer tool for debugging graphics related issues. It can be used to record an emulated scene during emulation and to playback it arbitrarily often later on. Furthermore, it allows for close inspection of each FIFO command sent to the GPU during emulation. Possible use cases for FifoPlayer include debugging rendering issues in games which a developer does not have access to. Users can just record a fifo log and give it to devs, who can analyze the rendering commands without the actual game iso. Also, having an automatically formatted FIFO command list very much eases the task of figuring out how a specific game's graphics are rendered and where it goes wrong in Dolphin. FifoPlayer can restrict the render output to the objects of interest, effectively cleaning up any irritating "unrelated" objects.

How to record a fifo log?

Any of the FifoPlayer functionality requires a FIFO log to be recorded. This basically intercepts all commands sent to the GPU during the recording and stores them in a .dff file to allow easy playback and inspection.

How to play back a fifo log?

Developers of course will want to use this to see if they can reproduce issues locally. But it's also useful for users to verify that their recorded fifo log actually works.

How to analyze a fifo log?

This is purely a developer tool because it requires strong knowledge of what GPU registers are and how they are used in the GPU FIFO.

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