3.5-227 7anos, 6mesesatrás Improve an error message.
3.5-226 7anos, 6mesesatrás Fix hang on Linux Dolphin close when wiimotes are connected.
3.5-225 7anos, 6mesesatrás Make IsValidBluetoothName just check for "Nintendo RVL-" rather than having a bunch of hardcoded names.
3.5-224 7anos, 6mesesatrás GetTextureBGRA()'s 'width' and 'height' parameters should be unsigned.
3.5-223 7anos, 6mesesatrás This changes Linux to control Wiimotes on the interrupt channel. Which in turn allows -TR wiimotes to work in Linux.
3.5-222 7anos, 6mesesatrás This removes the Lock Thread to Core option. Please file your complaints appropriately.
3.5-221 7anos, 6mesesatrás 'width' and 'height' parameters of wxBitmapFromMemoryRGBA should be unsigned.
3.5-220 7anos, 6mesesatrás re-enable PulseAudio backend
3.5-219 7anos, 6mesesatrás Merge branch 'pulseaudio-simple'
3.5-215 7anos, 6mesesatrás Fix a small text overlapping issue in the MemcardManager.
3.5-214 7anos, 6mesesatrás Gameini database update.
3.5-213 7anos, 6mesesatrás Enhance an error message. Fix issue 5893.
3.5-212 7anos, 6mesesatrás Fix two warnings.
3.5-211 7anos, 6mesesatrás Merge branch 'wxw-bind'
3.5-205 7anos, 6mesesatrás Real fix for memcard manager.
3.5-204 7anos, 6mesesatrás Set focus on memcard manager after losing it.
3.5-203 7anos, 7mesesatrás BPMemory: Expose more register descriptions for FifoPlayer
3.5-202 7anos, 7mesesatrás Fix the signed/unsigned comparison warnings created by a recent commit.
3.5-201 7anos, 7mesesatrás 'count' parameter for AddStereoSamples and AddStereoSamplesBE in WaveFile should be unsigned. Doesn't make sense to have them signed.
3.5-200 7anos, 7mesesatrás Fix two signed/unsigned mismatch warnings.