4.0-592 8anosatrás OpenGL: use shader 420pack if available to staticly bind ubo location
4.0-591 8anosatrás OpenGL: drop UBO-workaround usage for efb2ram shaders
4.0-590 8anosatrás TextureCache: Warn for invalid custom textures
4.0-589 8anosatrás ogl: clamp to edge for out of bound efb access
4.0-588 8anosatrás Bootmanager.cpp fixes and clean up.
4.0-587 8anosatrás Allow pad settings to be set via game ini.
4.0-586 8anosatrás [Android] Simplify instantiations of OverlayConfigButton.java. Also simplified resizeDrawable even more. We just acquire the resource instance and then get the display metrics directly.
4.0-585 8anosatrás [Android] Simplify resizeDrawable in OverlayConfigButton.java.
4.0-584 8anosatrás Merge Fail. We don't disable BaseVertex on broken pinned memory.
4.0-583 8anosatrás Merge branch 'buffer_storage'
4.0-575 8anosatrás I've never claimed to be a good coder.
4.0-574 8anosatrás Really fix android build.
4.0-573 8anosatrás Fix android build.
4.0-572 8anosatrás Allow wiimote source to be set via game ini.
4.0-571 8anosatrás Merge branch 'fuck-you-src-i-hate-you'
4.0-569 8anosatrás Convert all vcxproj files to UNIX line endings
4.0-568 8anosatrás HW: Remove unnecessary "../HW/" in include paths
4.0-567 8anosatrás TAP_Win32: Remove unnecessary Memmap.h include
4.0-566 8anosatrás Disable primitive restart on buggy OS X Intel HD 3000 drivers.
4.0-565 8anosatrás D3D/OGL: Add a TODO noting that we don't support GX_CULL_ALL, most notably required for accurate zfreeze emulation.