3.5-2334 7anos, 7mesesatrás [ARM] Disable lmw when fastmem is disabled.
3.5-2333 7anos, 7mesesatrás Fix building with polarssl from the externals.
3.5-2332 7anos, 7mesesatrás Use the POLARSSL_LIBRARY variable to set the link library. This fixes a possible linkage issue when multiple versions of the library are around.
3.5-2331 7anos, 7mesesatrás Replace the one use of CompileTimeAssert with static_assert (already used elsewhere).
3.5-2330 7anos, 7mesesatrás Merge branch '6584'
3.5-2323 7anos, 7mesesatrás Fix "modifier" button functionality et al.
3.5-2322 7anos, 7mesesatrás VideoCommon: use memcmp to compare shader uid
3.5-2321 7anos, 7mesesatrás ogl: change the default buffer upload on osx+nvidia
3.5-2320 7anos, 7mesesatrás Remove a bunch of old HLE junk
3.5-2319 7anos, 7mesesatrás Fix ES_DECRYPT.
3.5-2318 7anos, 7mesesatrás [Android] Android uppercases the name of the tabs in the settings by default. So we don't have to call ".toUpperCase" in the string returns in getPageTitle().
3.5-2317 7anos, 7mesesatrás [Android] Kick the targetSdkVersion in the AndroidManifest XML file to 18. Since this app basically works on 4.x.x, we don't need to make compatibility modes kick in for anything above 4.0.0.
3.5-2316 7anos, 7mesesatrás [Android] Give the exceptions in compareTo implementations in GameListItem and FolderBrowserItem some messages. If the exceptions ever actually get thrown, at least you're given a reason as to why the...
3.5-2315 7anos, 7mesesatrás On windows, ignore WM_QUERYENDSESSION and close upon WM_ENDSESSION.
3.5-2314 7anos, 7mesesatrás Revert "Leak an object when quitting Dolphin to try and fix issue 6546"
3.5-2313 7anos, 7mesesatrás Fix SDIO HLE writing garbage to memory.
3.5-2312 7anos, 7mesesatrás [Android] Fix a bug where the video backend would not load correctly.
3.5-2311 7anos, 7mesesatrás Remove the REQUIRED option from the cmake pkg-config check for GLEW so that cmake doesn't fail if a shared library is not found, and falls back to the version in the externals.
3.5-2310 7anos, 7mesesatrás ogl: also restore logic op for util shaders
3.5-2309 7anos, 7mesesatrás Move the CFrame::ClosePages call from ~CFrame to CFrame::OnClose