3.5-1560 7anos, 1mêsatrás Misc cleanup and fixes for some of the bad code i've written.
3.5-1559 7anos, 1mêsatrás Add hotkeys for save/load state to/from file.
3.5-1558 7anos, 1mêsatrás VertexShaderGen: Fix a potential bug where vertex shader uids don't change when pixel lighting is toggled.
3.5-1557 7anos, 1mêsatrás VertexShaderGen: Fix a dumb regression from revision f524312fd17e.
3.5-1552 7anos, 1mêsatrás InputConfigDiag: Put the colon after the device name
3.5-1551 7anos, 1mêsatrás Merge branch 'shader-uids-awesome-after-hours'.
3.5-1545 7anos, 1mêsatrás ExpressionParser: Search for control names first
3.5-1544 7anos, 1mêsatrás [Android] Support clicking on games in the folder browser to add the folder currently in. Mostly for derps that keep trying to run the game from the folder browser.
3.5-1543 7anos, 1mêsatrás fix opengl debug build on win32
3.5-1542 7anos, 1mêsatrás DInputJoystick: Fix compile
3.5-1541 7anos, 1mêsatrás DInputJoystick: Always exclude XInput
3.5-1540 7anos, 1mêsatrás Merge branch 'expression-parser-barewords'
3.5-1536 7anos, 1mêsatrás [Android] Disable OpenGL ES 3 EGL bit. This is due to drivers complaining(Which they should do) when they don't support GLES3. Qualcomm drivers don't care about it being ES2 or ES3 bit anyway. Intel d...
3.5-1535 7anos, 1mêsatrás only provide ES2_compatibility workaround for non gles devices
3.5-1534 7anos, 1mêsatrás [Android] Actually copy Dolphin.ini correctly...
3.5-1533 7anos, 1mêsatrás Add shortcut to (dis)connect the balance board.
3.5-1532 7anos, 1mêsatrás [Android] Make the navigation drawer not so blindingly dark.
3.5-1531 7anos, 1mêsatrás [Android] Open the navigation drawer by clicking on the button. Woops, didn't realize that gmail did this as well.
3.5-1529 7anos, 1mêsatrás provide GL_ARB_ES2_compatibility workaround
3.5-1528 7anos, 1mêsatrás Fix last commit, and set the position on mouse down instead of mouse up.