3.5-2220 7anosatrás Removal of my terrible idea.
3.5-2219 7anosatrás [Android] Fix fastmem and enable.
3.5-2218 7anosatrás Fix Non-GLES run path in videosoftware for the previous commit.
3.5-2216 7anosatrás Fix an accidental duplicate if-statement handling of 0x1007 in WII_IPC_HLE_Device_net.cpp
3.5-2215 7anosatrás A few more warnings.
3.5-2214 7anosatrás More warnings: mark/avert truncating conversions from float.
3.5-2213 7anosatrás MSVC warnings.
3.5-2212 7anosatrás More trivial warning fixes.
3.5-2211 7anosatrás Fix IOCTLV_SO_GETADDRINFO.
3.5-2210 7anosatrás Fix use of deprecated APIs in IOdarwin.mm.
3.5-2209 7anosatrás Fix use of deprecated screen resolution API.
3.5-2208 7anosatrás A bunch of trivial changes to fix clang warnings.
3.5-2207 7anosatrás [Android] Fix the last commit. On-screen control drawing wouldn't re-enable upon flipping video backends.
3.5-2206 7anosatrás [Android] On-screen controls work for Software Renderer, but not the OpenGL ES 3 video backend yet. Enabled it for Software Rendering and disabled it for Open GL ES 3.
3.5-2205 7anosatrás A fix to my fix to my fix. Sorry.
3.5-2204 7anosatrás [Android] Disable most video preferences if Software Rendering is chosen. Since the software renderer and other renderers have little in common, it doesn't make sense to keep many of the video prefere...
3.5-2203 7anosatrás [Android] Add the option to show the on-screen FPS counter.
3.5-2202 7anosatrás [Android] Fix the game thread never leaving.
3.5-2199 7anosatrás NetPlay: bump proto
3.5-2198 7anosatrás Recvfrom tidy and store laste error.