4.0-155 7anos, 3mesesatrás Merge branch 'd3d9-removal'.
4.0-146 7anos, 3mesesatrás Revert "imask stuff"
4.0-144 7anos, 3mesesatrás [Android] Tegra 4 'support.' This brings up the OpenGL backend to support Tegra 4 to the point where it will run games but it doesn't have any video output for some reason. This is a large change that...
4.0-143 7anos, 3mesesatrás Corrected the XMM0 processing for pairedStoreQuantized in the x86 build.
4.0-142 7anos, 3mesesatrás Missing break for IOCTL_ES_DELETETITLECONTENT
4.0-141 7anos, 3mesesatrás [Core] Simplify a loop within function Run() in Interpreter.cpp. The increment variable for the for loop is never used at all, so it's sensible to replace it with a while loop.
4.0-140 7anos, 3mesesatrás Added code to update the PC before doing a fastmem write. Fixes games with freezing and FIFO errors since r2a339c926e43c11f7b9acc8d3af202f0be54e2b0.
4.0-139 7anos, 3mesesatrás Fix storeSingleFloat stack alignment.
4.0-137 7anos, 3mesesatrás Fix build-breaking typo.
4.0-136 7anos, 3mesesatrás Removed the IOSVersion check (caused some Wii games like Battalion Wars 2 not to boot).
4.0-135 7anos, 3mesesatrás Added a check for the IOS version before overriding the OSGetResetCode() function.
4.0-134 7anos, 3mesesatrás Merge branch '6663'
4.0-127 7anos, 3mesesatrás ChooseMemcardPath bugfix: check for a directory separator before converting an absolute path to a relative path.
4.0-126 7anos, 3mesesatrás [ARM] Disable subfic, it prevents Wind Waker from booting into a save game.
4.0-125 7anos, 3mesesatrás [Android] Make sure to change the title accordingly when coming back from the folder browser.
4.0-124 7anos, 3mesesatrás [Android] Simplify LayoutInflater retrieval within GameListAdapter, FolderBrowserAdapter, and SideMenuAdapter.
4.0-123 7anos, 3mesesatrás [Android] Simplify a string retrieval in FolderBrowserAdapter.
4.0-122 7anos, 3mesesatrás [Android] Simplify call for getting the WindowManager instance within EmulationActivity.
4.0-121 7anos, 3mesesatrás Warning fixes:
4.0-120 7anos, 3mesesatrás [Common] Abstract out the decode5A3Image and decodeCI8Image functions in BannerLoaderGC, BannerLoaderWii, and GCMemcard into ColorUtil.cpp. Makes for less copied code and remains functionally the same...